Remembering Harry Griffith     January 24, 1924 ~ February 4, 2005

My friend Harry is an important part of my life. We befriended one another late in 1986 when I became sober. He was my first great example of a sober gay man... making it OK for me to come to AA and be sober... "no matter what".


I met Harry when he lived in Pomona. He eventually moved back to his previous long time home, Long Beach.  In 1988, I followed path and moved to Long Beach at the same time that Harry retired to Palm Springs. He eventually moved back to Long Beach and in 1992, introduced me to my Homegroup, which I remain a grateful member.


Harry taught me many things and we grew incredibly close throughout the years. He had a tremendous influence on my sobriety, passing on how to care for one another in the fellowship, as he did for me when I first became sober. I had the great privilege of trying to return the favor in the last years of his beautiful life.  Harry was 38 years sober when he passed away. I was given a beautiful card with such great truth. It says "What the heart has known, it shall never forget".

I Love you Harry... I will never forget you.


These are a few of my favorite pictures from Harry's collection:

Harry loved this color jacket

From the 70's

A special card

This has special meaning for me... on Main Street USA

In front of a special place!

With his family in Pennsylvania

His Navy portrait

Harry loved his mom, Jane

His 80th with friends

Another 80th birthday picture

Jane turns 100!

His sponsor and "brothers/sisters" meant a lot to Harry

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