Day One: At the Disney Resort

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Striped Right Arrow: Paris Day 2

Enttrance to the Hotel
The main lobby
The lobby bar... don;t know why I took this pic!
My room!
This is where I have my connection to home!
The armoire with TV, littlefridge and armoire
Hard to see, but the view from my windw. The windows go up the full scale of the wall, which is about 12-14 feet!
Looking outside my window, to the right.
... down below where there is a "pool" whch doubles as a ice rink in colder times. They're prepping it now. One more had a frozen couple inches
Looking out toward Disney Village (like our Downtown Disney), and Lake Disney (to the left)
Across Lake Disney is the Newport Bay Hotel.
Sunset from my room... while having an incredible dinner.
Exploring outside the hotel that evening.
Looking across to Newport Bay Hotel
The Panoramique Balloon. Actually lifts a large donut-shaped basket that holds 20 or so people.
Disney Village entrance
This is Mickey's restaurant, which makes it's way to every resort.
The Disney Store
This is a Bavarian style restaurant.
An American car-hop style restaurant.
The theater complex
... and one of the few remaining Planet Hollywood restaurants.