Hong Kong

Day One: Arriving at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

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Entering into the lobby, you're greeted by Mickey...
... and Minnie. The Hotel is themed to match Main Street USA.
This is one of the restaurants called "Crystal Lotus".
The walls are made of crystal lotuses between two panes of glass.
Throughout the lobby floor, there are little rooms with sitting areas.
The end of each hallway has great decor.
Down one of the hallways is the great staircase. It leads to a convention center.
Looking downward from the hall railing.
The bottom foyer
A great little sitting area. Quite posh.
Looking up...
Another end display.
Turning left towards the elevators to the rooms.
The cool carved wood elevator...
Which took me to my hallway on the "5th" Floor (it's actually the 4th floor, but to the Chinese, the number 4 is like our number 13... unlucky)
My room!!!
Complete with a balcony and desk table
A very cool dresser/flat screen TV stand
Looking back towards the entrance.
My bed... already turned down for me!
This great picture of the hotel over the side wall of the bed
The bathroom!
Stepping out my balcony... is the backside of the hotel.
With a hedge maze in the center
... and the China Sea on the right!
After a bit... I noticed cool Disney details like this in the carpet pattern
This is on the frame of the bathroom mirror... It has Snow White and all seven dwarfs carved into it.
The tissue dispenser has universal Disney language!
A blurry shot of the castle ensignia on the bed headboard
This is interesting. Stick your hotel key in it when you come in and the lights pop on and remain operable while you're in the room. Not sure why.
Cool souvenir in the bathroom...
... holds all the bathroom toiletries given to you by the hotel.